Saturday, August 15, 2009

Backpack Bargains

It's back-to-school time again!
The kids need backpacks.
It's great to start the school year off with a brand new backpack!
Then in a few months you will need another backpack!

My kids seemed to go through them like crazy!
We had everything go wrong from ink pen explosions to pointed objects popping through the edges!
Kids will be kids!

Even sliding them across the floor puts wear and tear on the seams and the bottom panel.
When I volunteered ad the school I used to see kids drag them down the hall and push them around with their feet.
Do they think these backpacks grow on trees or what? lol

The deals I found at eBay are fantastic!
You can easily STOCK up as a parent or as on online seller this is the perfect opportunity for you to BUY IN BULK!

Check out the deals:

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